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The training need

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this State Government Department’s staff are all working from home. Whilst adequate Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a legislated requirement for any place of employment, working from home means that to a large degree, staff now have to take responsibility for implementing WHS themselves and must be fully aware and capable of implementing the requirements.


In addition, a recent study by research firm McCrindle1 has shown that whilst there are advantages to working from home, ‘the number one challenge when working from home was social isolation (44%) followed by the blurring of work and home boundaries (33%) and missed opportunities for collaboration (30%).’

Online Working From Home WHS training is thus an opportunity to provide a forum for co-workers to collaborate on solutions, assist each other to source equipment, and provide tips and share stories from their own experience with working from home. This provides an element of non-formal co-worker social interaction as well as assistance with meeting the WHS requirements.


Company outcome/s required from the training (clear, measurable, will have the desired effect)

  • No workplace injury or illness from preventable causes.
  • All or most staff opting in to the forum. Ongoing collaboration and constructive communication regarding meeting WHS requirements and possibly other work-related issues on the forum. 


  • A image and video-based module, with quizzes for items covered by legislation; and an opt-in moderated forum, with an appropriate external motivator to join (e.g. movie tickets, takeaway food voucher, rostered day off – could even be one of your choice).
  • All staff members must complete the online training and achieve at least an 85% pass.
  • They are required to do a refresher quiz every two months (85% pass) and strongly encouraged to join the online forum.
  • If they don’t join, they have to let their manager know why not, and the manager has to consider the issue and whether it can be resolved. 

Learners can revisit the module as many times as they want to remind themselves of the range of requirements.


Software usedArticulate Rise, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Powerpoint (for storyboarding)