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The training need

This company has retail stores across the globe, sells hand-made, vegan-suitable and ecologically sustainable products in minimal or recycled/recyclable packaging. The company’s brand also represents outstanding customer service and diversity inclusiveness.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, legislation has been introduced into one of the countries where the company has stores, meaning customers (and staff) are required to comply with the legislation or face large fines and legal consequences.


The mostly late teens to early 30s workforce therefore has to legally enforce mask wearing and in-store customer number limits. Not all customers are immediately compliant and training is needed so that staff are assertive whilst still adhering to the company policy of the customer being (nearly) always right.


Company outcome/s required from the training (clear, measurable, will have the desired effect)

Company policy of the customer being (nearly) always right is upheld by:

·      No customer who is willing to wear a mask is discouraged from entering the store by poorly communicated instructions by staff

·      Customers are given encouragement by staff when they have to wait until there are fewer customers in the store before they can enter

·      Anyone who refuses to wear a mask is engaged and questioned as to their reasons, encouraged to wear a mask as they’ll be able to shop and be safe from prosecution, and only as a last resort would be calmly refused entry to the store

This is measurable by:

·      No complaints due to COVID requirement enforcement

·      Monthly sales targets remaining on track



A branching scenario developed in consultation with senior staff advising on situations they have experienced with regard to COVID-19 mandatory compliance legislation.


It is designed to gain buy-in from a young cohort and give them awareness of and practice at go-to responses for real-life situations. Because it is so relatable, it ensures engagement with and recall of the learning as well as helping the employees feel confident and not ‘in-trouble’ in any way.


Learners can revisit the module as many times as they want to brush up on the skills.


Software used: Articulate Rise