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The training need

This industry association represents members who are undergoing scrutiny in the media and in some cases legal action due to an inexpensive and therefore commonly used insulation product which has been discovered to be highly flammable due to a suspected manufacturing flaw.


Legislation has been introduced by the Federal Government which prohibits further use of the product and requires it to be removed from buildings within five years.


A process has been established by the industry association to safely remove and dispose of the product and this must be thoroughly understood and adopted by its members and their employees. Members and their employees must also be aware of the importance of refusing clients who may pressure them to use the product as it is significantly cheaper than other options. Not complying with the legislation is not only illegal, but can result in de-registration or unlicensing of building practitioners and even a criminal conviction. Needless to say flammable insulation can also be the cause of serious injury or death to building inhabitants and emergency services personnel.


Company outcome/s required from the training (clear, measurable, will have the desired effect)

All companies and relevant workers to complete the online training and achieve at least an 85% pass to gain certification.

They will be required to do refresher courses which may include a practical or face-to-face component every four months to continue to be allowed on-site to do this work.



  • A course clearly setting out each step of the process, highlighting issues which may occur and how to deal with them safely, effectively and within the legislation.
  • Learners can revisit the module as many times as they want within the 5 years to brush up on the skills

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